Software Development

Custom Solutions

Focus on your idea and let us write the code – If you have a great idea, but lack the tech skills to do it yourself, we help you out.
We are pleased to develop custom software for you, based on cutting-edge technologies. Our developers support you in every phase: from identification of your needs till product launch and maintenance. Our lead developer has 15+ years of experience in architectural design and implementation of complex software, primarily in development of mobil applications.

Technology Consulting

We cater to your needs by consulting on several types of technical challenges, ranging from algorithm design that solves your problems till selecting the software technology that fits the best to your requirements.
Our advisers have two specialized areas of expertise and an advantage of over 15 years of experience: architectural applications (building information modeling or BIM, virtual/extended reality, navigation) and healthcare (telemedicine, health data analysis).

Data Analysis

Privacy & Anonymization

In the era of Big Data, protection of privacy is becoming increasingly important since users give away a lot of information about themselves through internet usage or location tracking mobile devices. Medical records are another form of private information, which is in addition considered to be extremly sensitive. Privacy concerns exist wherever personally identifiable or other sensitive information is collected, stored, used, and finally destroyed or deleted.
Laws and regulations impose conditions on collection, use and dissemination of data. However, their practical implementation is not straightforward, especially when data to be used for research purposes or for other common interest. We work on solutions that could provide trustworthy anonymization / pseudonymization services for healthcare or research institutions. Interested? Contact us.

statistical reports and data vizualization

Statistical Reports & Vizualization

The ultimate goal of data processing is to present your findings to your audience the right way. Spreadsheets are wonderful tools to organize data into tables of rows and columns. Vizualization, however, can do much more: boost understanding. Making good (and not only well-built) charts is a must-have skill, especially when stakes are high. And the context defines what makes a chart good.
We assist you in comprehension of the context and creating good charts by exploring the following questions: Who will see your chart? What information do they need? What idea do you want to convey? What you should show? And finally: How you should show?

Business Consulting

Grants & Tenders

Horizon2020 is the world’s largest funding programme for research and innovation in Europe, amounting to close to € 80 billion. Funds amounting to € 350 billion are also available to support structural reforms, social development and cohesion of member states. We offer our innovation and European funding expertise, focusing on complex international R&D projects primarily in the IT sector. Our senior expert has over 10 years of international experience, including 5+ years in proposal review and project audit.
Looking for EU-level grants? We can help you to find the right partners, write successful grant proposals and manage the funded project. Our principle is to become your true and dedicated partner.

Project Management

We undertake the management of IT projects on behalf of our clients, based on our senior collegues 15+ years of experience, while fully representing the interests of our clients. During implementation, our tasks include: defining the scope of the project, task structure and planning, execution and control, reporting, preparation for managerial decisions and quality assurance.
The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the desired goals within the given constraints (scope, time, quality and budget), meanwhile optimize the allocation and use of necessary inputs to meet the objectives. To address the above challenge properly, we are in regular consultation with you throughout the project life cycle (we will make suggestions in situations that you deem necessary).

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