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Data Analysis

Plenty of time spent on data analysis or report generation? Leave that to us, and focus on your business.

Our advisers have two specialized areas of expertise and an advantage of over 15 years of experience: architectural applications (building information modeling or BIM, virtual/extended reality, navigation) and healthcare (telemedicine, health data analysis). In addition, we develop educational games.

Educational games for kids

Educational Games

For children, play is the path they take to learning; for adults, play is a fun way to boost brain power.
The joy of playing is for everyone.

Medical Data Analysis

Medical Data Analysis

The key to successful healthcare service is having smart tools that able to analyze medical data and bioparameters, such as blood pressure or glucose level.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM covers more than just geometry: geographic information, light analysis, spatial relations, quantities & properties of building components – over time, thus it supports the whole building life cycle.

We offer our services to analyze your data, gain useful information for you, and build a working model of your domain.
We also support your work with grant applications and project management.
Get a lasting competitive edge with our support.