We are a young, dynamic and flexible company collaborating with small enterprises.
All of us have deep algorithmic background, and we enjoy tackling and solving complex problems. We pay continuous attention to technical excellence, good design and high-quality implementation.

What you can expect when collaborating with us


We make sure that any arising issues will be managed correctly and you are satisfied with the delivered products.

Respecting budget and time

You can count on our affordable price structure and our practice in planning ahead so that we could keep milestones.


Based on agile project management, we deliver working software frequently and we are pleased to respond changes you would like.
Your feedback is important to us.

Ongoing support

We are here to boost your competitive advantage.
You can rely on our counselling – We can keep your idea continuously moving forward.

Our mission

Support human development with quality technological solutions, while paying attention to sustainable management of finite resources and respecting the needs of future generations on our planet.
Environmental protection is one of our personal goals. We resist to the pressures of over consumption and over use of technology, and we actually practice „Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. We believe in shared economy, support community services and take part in open source development.

Bring Data to Life